Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hey, old people: chill out!

I stumbled upon this article by Michael Hilt while I was reading about the proposed abolition of income tax and the institution of a national sales tax.

The article is an opinion written by an intern filling in for a vacationing columnist. His style is extremely sarcastic, but he makes some VERY good points. His first line is a good indication of the article: "HEY, OLD PEOPLE: Chill out. Not only am I, a young person, not afraid of the future, but I'm aware of its approach and paying full attention." As Hilt says, this generation (my generation ;-) ) will have plenty of challenges, but these aren't anything new and unexpected. We do like our iPods and MTV, but we aren't unaware of real issues. According to Hilt: "Just in case you were wondering, we don't plan on seeing any Social Security money. And I don't plan on being saved by the president on this one." I have to agree. Government is not God--although the previous two generations might have thought so.

The up-and-coming generation is split. Some of us think we ourselves are god, and others are returning to the God who is there (to use a phrase of Schaeffer), but very few of us think the Government is god anymore.

"So, did I miss any of our economic challenges? I'm sure I did. If it isn't on an Abercrombie T-shirt, I just can't seem to keep it up there. Whatever."


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