Monday, March 07, 2005

Francis Schaeffer--He being dead still speaks

Ever since I read Schaeffer's two books "How Should We Then Live" and "The God Who is There" I've been an fan of his work. Perhaps he didn’t get everything right, but his writing is outstandingly clear and precise. He is very quick to drive to the heart of the issue. His analysis of culture and society is right on. By using art and philosophy, he predicted quite well where the broader part of society would go in the big picture sense. “He being dead still speaks…”

World Magazine had an interesting article about him a while back. I really liked the blog quote from a student that sat under Schaeffer:

One of the blog posts is by Marc Mailloux (Andree Seu's brother), who dropped in on L'Abri as a 17-year-old agnostic in 1971 wearing the same cut-off jeans and T-shirt that he had worn for weeks. Marc notes that Schaeffer at the dinner table one evening gave a thorough answer to a question about evolution as everyone else was moving through soup and the main course to dessert.

He writes, "I wondered how Dr. Schaeffer—whose bowl of soup sat untouched in front of him—would ever catch up with the rest of us. . . . Finally he picked up his bowl of soup in one hand and gulped it down in a way that your mother would never have approved. I wanted to shout 'right on' but stifled my enthusiasm." Marc decided "to listen to someone whose beliefs didn't enslave one to Emily Post's table manners."


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