Sunday, March 06, 2005

Making facts fit the theory

As a presuppositionalist, I’m inclined to believe that interpretation proceeds fact. This is especially true of theories that are not falsifiable. Evolution is one of those theories that can’t ever really be proven false in the eyes of modern man. I’m not going to offer a defense of creation or a critique of evolution beyond pointing out a revealing statement in a recent article I read about the new “Hobbits” being found in Indonesia. "Katerina Semendeferi of the University of California-San Diego described it as a 'cutting edge study.' While the Hobbit brain does not fit neatly into an evolutionary pattern, she said it is too much to expect that all ancient humans would have brains that would neatly transition from ape to modern human." This definitely suggests that evolution could be not falsifiable--of course it doesn’t prove it though ;-)


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