Friday, February 18, 2005

France...from a right wing prospective of course

OK, every once in a while I hear a good quote that I have to research. It usually is semi-relevant to current news, but not always.

These words are better than I could ever retell them:
(from here)
"In addition to leaving NATO, de Gaulle announced that all American troops on French soil must be evacuated. He wanted no trace of America's military presence in France, even if those soldiers served as part of a NATO force.
This, of course, is the same de Gaulle and the same France that had been liberated during the war by a similar force of American soldiers, many thousands of whom died in the fighting. Which is why when Johnson's secretary of state, Dean Rusk, briefed the president on the plan he would present to de Gaulle - a plan that spelled out how we would move NATO headquarters from Paris to Brussels and remove all American soldiers from France - Johnson had only one comment.
'Ask him about the cemeteries, Dean,' Johnson said to Rusk.
Quickly grasping the meaning of Johnson's request, Rusk tried to talk him out of it but Johnson was insistent.
'Ask him about the cemeteries, Dean!' he repeated, turning the request into a presidential command.
And so Rusk did. At the end of his meeting with de Gaulle, in which he explained how America would comply with de Gaulle's orders, Rusk asked him whether his demand that all American soldiers be removed from French soil included those thousands of GIs still buried in French cemeteries - GIs who had given their lives so France could once again live as a free and sovereign nation.
In his autobiography, Rusk records that de Gaulle, embarrassed, did not reply."

People don't readily learn that there are times when action is required. I don't love war, but it is necessary at times.

This is an article from way back in June of 2004 entitled "France, the great American Migraine" also mentions the event. I just like the title ;-)

On a lighter note--vulgar but funny (imo): here


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