Friday, August 12, 2005

Ah home

I’ve been on a series of business trips and vacations for the past four weeks now, and I have to say I miss home. As much fun as it is to see new places and visit new people, there is something special about home. A person can be comfortable there; they can relax and talk with the people closest to them. They know what to expect. This should be the place you can retreat to when you’ve had a bad day at work.

You know, I wonder if this isn’t the reason people are more stressed today. People don’t want to go home anymore it seems because home isn’t a comfortable place to rest after a stressful day—it is a place that causes more stress. In fact with so many broken homes, it is no wonder people work later, spend more time at bars and other places like that. If home isn’t a place you look forward to returning to, then you’ll find an excuse to not return. My question is where will you find relief from the stress of the day if it isn’t at home? The bar can’t provide that kind of rest, and neither can work, so where do people go? I’m sure the gym can provide some, but that is really just a different kind of work.

Even the church doesn’t provide substitute enough for the home. I would even suggest that the church is built with family units—it is built with homes. How can we expect the church to flourish in a land with so many broken homes? We live with our families seven days a week, not one day a week. If strong families are built, it would seem that strong churches could then be built.

Sorry, no answers today as I look forward to finally getting to enjoy home...only questions.


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