Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Slander to science

Here is an interesting story on Answers in Genesis’ new Creation Museum from FoxNews. There are a couple of quotes of interest.
Critics such as the Rev. Mendle Adams, pastor of St. Peter's United Church of Christ in nearby Cincinnati, say museum leaders are twisting Bible verses to support an agenda.

"It's silly. It's a silly, silly argument," said Adams. "They use what I consider to be a flawed analysis of Scripture."

I guess by “flawed analysis of Scripture” he really means that they take the Bible at what it says when it is relating history. Or maybe he means that certain parts of the Bible just need to be superseded by science now.

"They're pretty much saying that scientists around the world have colluded to pretty much lie to people," said Dr. William Anyonge, a paleontologist and assistant professor of biology at Xavier University in Cincinnati. "I think that is really a slander to science."

“A slander to science.” If ever you doubted that science has been elevated to the status of God in our society, doubt no more! Maybe we should start capitalizing it when we speak of that which can never be wrong.


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