Monday, May 02, 2005

The Christian worldview and its consequences

The Christian worldview produces some unexpected results sometime--at least in the world’s eyes. Humanism tries to bring man to the top; man is the most important they say! We will be great because we love men. With no absolute reference point to give value to man, Humanism ends up bringing man low. He is really no different than the animals. Some animals kill their babies so why shouldn’t humans? Elderly animals are killed in nature by predators and such means, why do we need our elderly? All these ideas about making man great end up making him small. In the end, he is nothing more than a smart animal.

Christianity, on the other hand, starts somewhere else. Christianity says that man is not God; he is not supreme; he is not the top. Ironically, this leads to man being great. He is not like the animals because he is made in the image of God. With God as the absolute reference point, man has real value. Let me say that again: because of God, people’s lives have real value. Man is made in the image of God for the purpose of worshipping his creator. This is a high and noble purpose. We aren’t to kill our babies because they are made in the image of God and they have a real purpose in life. We aren’t to kill our elderly because they too should worship the true and living God. So, in the end, Christianity gives value and dignity to man--the very end humanism sought and was unable to attain.

The very same thing could be said about the status of women. Humanism and feminism try to exalt her status above God. In the end, this leads to women being viewed as glorified property. How horrible! Christianity starts with the basis that she is to be a suitable helpmate to her husband; he is to have authority over her, but they are of equal essence both being in the image of God (Eve was taken from Adam’s rib, not his foot, and not his head). Those who reject Christianity are left with trying to raise women up to a high plane from nothing; very little is left after this process. Isn’t it interesting that only in the places that Christianity has been rooted for many years are women viewed as more than just property? The pagan lands in African certainly don’t hold a high view of women.

The Biblical foundation is a strong one. When its principles are allowed to permeate a culture, that culture begins to show forth some of the holiness of God. In this, it is very good.


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