Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Falling down the stairs

I was told that my recent falling down the stairs was funny. I didn’t really think so at the time, but I’ll record it here for posterity.

The last section of stairs in my house is wood without carpet. We were watching my Dad’s dog Q at the time, so I was going downstairs to see why Q was whining in his crate. With cereal in hand, my heal slipped off of one of the first stairs and I came crashing down on my back. After sliding down the stairs, I crumpled over onto my stomach at the bottom. At this point, I could not breath, so I figured I would just lie down in the splattered milk and raisin bran until I could breath again. As I look back now, I’m sure this was a pretty funny sight. Here I was in my nice work clothes lying on the floor in a puddle of milk and raisin bran. You know when you can’t breath time goes by very slowly too. I distinctly remember thinking “Sooo, this is how it ends.” Given that I couldn’t yell, and the fact that my housemates are unlikely to get out of bed unless there is an earthquake, sitting there was pretty much my only option.

Slowly I began to breath again, so I pulled myself up and cleaned up the mess. I guess raisin bran is not poisonous to fish because they didn’t seem to die from the little bit that spilled into their tank. I later asked by sister and cousin if they had heard anything that morning. My cousin heard nothing, but my sister just decided not to get up. That is comforting.


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