Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Modern Spiritual Commitment

From FoxNews:

LOS ANGELES — “If” anything, time has taught Janet Jackson that matrimony is messy and sensuality is much simpler without a signature.

After two marriages and two divorces, the 41-year-old longtime lover of record producer and rapper Jermaine Dupri doesn’t desire another diamond.

“In this day and age, I feel we don’t need that piece of paper. For myself I don’t need that to validate what I have with someone,” Janet told FOX at the premiere of her new movie “Why Did I Get Married?” last Thursday. “It’s about a spiritual commitment and finding your soul mate and really exchanging vows with one another, and I think that’s enough for me at least.”

This kind of attitude just seems to define our modern age. No one commits to anything; they don't want to sued or have any sort of binding ties to anyone or anything. People are "spiritual" no doubt, but this is just a fancy way of saying "I want to follow the idol of myself." Of course this isn't new. Satan said the same thing to Eve in the Garden. It is interesting how it is glorified so much now-a-days though. What in the world does "really exchanging vows" mean when everything is "simpler without a signature?"

I suppose having a piece of paper doesn't mean much these days anyway, as the lawyers can twist and distort the words to no end. This attitude is absolutely anti-Christian to it's very core. Sure it tries to hide this with high sounding words about "spiritual commitment" and such, but that's a thin veil for something much more grotesque—humanism and worship of self. The God of the Bible was not afraid to write things down. He put His promises into real words that could be understood. His commitments are recorded on the pages of scripture for all to read. This is what real spiritual commitment is lest we should be deceived by "new" ideas.



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