Friday, November 10, 2006

A couple of articles

Here's a couple of articles I enjoyed about the Democratic victory in the House and the Senate:

From the National Review


Although the liberal Europeans are rejoicing it seems, Americans were just fed up with the scandals and such of the GOP. I do pray America begins to realize that this war on terror takes a backbone. Too much liberalism and Islam will have a lot of victories... (note, they won't ever have the final victory though)


At 5:26 AM, Anonymous Matt Ahern said...

The Republicans still don't get it. They have abandonded the conservative cause and a third party may be viable when enough conservatives lend their effort into it.

I have created a Wiki to discuss and plan for this. What would the platform look like? Who would potential candidates be?

If you want to contribute go to and join us in discussion. Contribute your ideas for what you would like to see as a viable alternative to the "still lost in the dark" Republican Party.


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