Monday, January 22, 2007

Getting married

As I enter my second week back from the honeymoon, I figure I should recap some of my life lately. This past year has been quite the rush and my head is still spinning from it. At the end of December last year I finally got married. I say finally because it was a long struggle with immigration visas and the like. Waiting months on end for the government to do something with your paperwork is not my idea of fun. The main problem with it is you can't really see any progress. It kind of goes into a black hole and then magically appears at the other side at some random time. It is just the nature of bureaucracy in general, but it's still frustrating when you have to endure it.
Nancy has finally moved in and we are settling in to married life. Of course we still have to wait on more bureaucracy, but at least we'll be together while we wait this time. Getting the house into a livable state will probably take a bit of time as merging two people's stuff together has been time consuming and somewhat boring.
We definitely had an enjoyable time in Hawaii; the temperature varied from about 74 F to 84 F. The only part I didn't like was the humidity, but it wasn't hot enough to make it unbearable. We spent 4 days on Oahu and 7 on Kauai. Honolulu has the atmosphere similar to most big cities I've been in, but it was good to see the touristy stuff there like the USS Arizona memorial. Kauai was much more laid back. Life is pretty slow there and beaches and small shops abound.
The wedding went over quite well despite the snow storm. Unfortunately a lot of people weren't able to make it because of that, but we had an enjoyable time anyway. It was great that Nancy's family was able to get in during the lull between the two major snow storms. I'm sure they will each visit again, but that might have been the only time that they were all here at once.
I look forward to life settling down a bit now that all the big events are over with for a bit. Ah real life...