Monday, September 26, 2005

Abortion associated with immorality?!?

Fox News Article on how the Democratic Party needs to "regain the faith" of religious voters. I found the following sentences rather amusing:
Democrats believe in God and lead moral lives every bit as much as Republicans do. To suggest the contrary is simply a lie.

But somehow, Republicans have equated any support for gay rights and a woman’s right to choose an abortion with immorality. Democrats have varying views on these subjects, with many Democrats supporting parental notification for an abortion and opposing gay marriage. But often that gets lost in the noise from the extreme right.

My initial reaction to this (in my younger-generation vernacular of course) is simply "are you for real?!?" There is no doubt in my mind that both party's members have some scandalous life styles, but ideologically, there is no comparison. Of course gay rights and abortion rights are moral issues! (I'm not saying there aren't other arguments against them as well, but the primary ones are about the morality of such things.) Can someone really believe that these aren't moral issues? Is that really possible today? I'm amazed that we've divorced ethics from morality (as if this could really be done) in such a way that people can really view killing unborn babies as an a-moral issue. Can this really be any simpler? Those who believe the Bible will tend to believe that killing babies is wrong; henceforth, they will see it as immoral to support the right to kill a baby. It doesn't seem too outrageous to me that a woman's right to choose an abortion is equated with immorality, but then again, I'm probably just part of the irrelevant noise from the extreme right. Reconnecting with the religious voters is going to be difficult when you don't understand how abortion is associated with immorality…


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